Best of both worlds here. On this post I have searched for the best of men’s rugged fashion boots. From the construction to the design, it all makes the difference. The smell of a pair of brand new leather boots with your favorite laces and the most authentic upper, just perfectly made for you. Nothing … More WORLD’S FINEST


Thrown into combat (the day-to-day world) to be a warrior. Talkin’ about boots that is. This post is all about the combat boots, how incredibly versatile they are and unisex as well. Seriously, you can wear these and they will last for a longggg time. Of course, they are called “combat” or “jungle” boots for … More MASTER OF DISGUISE


  Dear Chelsea! This post is all about the infamous Chelsea boots. Truly comfortable and accessible to wear, with the elastic on the sides so it fits just about anyone. Very casual style, that can be styled with a pair of lightly stressed denim and a plain t-shirt or a button up for a night-time … More DEAR CHELSEA!


  This is for that explorer of the world with a sophisticated touch.  These eight inch boots are one of my absolute favorite pieces for a nice casual day out with friends or even on a lovely date with a gorgeous lady. This fashion boot is a manifestation of the outgoing and sporadic man out … More HUNTER


Arabian dreams…speaking of men’s desert boots here. Easy to wear, these shoes are a ‘must-have’ in a man’s closet, for all ages. Although they require care since most are suede leather, it comes in smooth leather and faux leather too. Feed your eyes because here I have posted a load of them. Enjoy!     … More DESERT NIGHTS


Best of the best here! For this post I am reflecting on my favorite choices of men’s rugged fashion boots. As seen on the images below, these are men leather boots that can be styled for just about anyone. While there are some fashion boots out there that are made with man-made materials for a … More CLASSIC IS NOT OLD