Fashion boots for men. Yes, it is summer time but I wanted to discuss the best fashion boots as preferred by most men. This post is primarily about the “look” of the style of boots so take your pick gents, there is some for everyone. Enjoy!






a023c8a84fedf4aa23f6ae85dec6ce1eNick Wooster12







These are perfect boots for a long day wear. They are about 8″ tall and the upper is just beautiful, they speak for themselves. A style of boots for just about any fashion style; nerdy chic, for those with a more serious and formal approach, even for the bohemian. I believe we all have our personal style but most just don’t understand or maybe disregard coordination and moderation and I think that’s when a lack of















And if you would like to make a purchase, I will post for a website that I think is both; filled with choices and fast shipping time (depending on state).



For winter time – this is an excellent look.

   a45aaf2e62c6e6025ff197e7bf1f9572.jpg   48f123bf1206ca854aeedede1abad059.jpg





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